From supermarket delis to pharmacies, Dykam’s linerless labels line expands your offering

Benefits are numerous

–         Cost- saving: almost 40% more labels in a roll, and 40% less reel weight

–         Fewer reel changes, less downtime

–         Eco-friendly: zero liner (label carrier) waste

–         Adjustable label length

–         Increased surface print area

 Options are almost endless

–         Printing under & behind the adhesive

–         Adhesive pattern coat

–         Adhesives strength: permanent, removable, ultra-removable (no residue)

–         Standard label into a linerless label

–          And more..

 And so many Print & apply applications! …

–         Receiving and Warehousing, Pharmacies, Hospitality, Retail Weighing Scales, Shipped products

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Dykam is proud to present its new state-of-the-art, all-weather durable parking ticket solutions!

Our new series of eco-friendly, biodegradable parking ticket solutions, which also include a specific alternative to synthetic paper tickets, are designed for use throughout diverse geographic regions and are completely resistant to:

  • Water condensation
  • Heavy humidity
  • Extreme heat
  • Fog
  • Frost

Ideal for parking meters of all kinds, our new parking tickets have already been put to use by our leading clients across the globe, adding to our premium line of weather-resistant, multi-substrate solutions. To top it all off, they are also available at an attractive price that beats the cost of your current synthetic paper tickets!


Heightened performance. Attractive price. The perfect all-around solutions for your parking ticket needs.