Linerless Labels

Our new linerless labels line expands your current labels offering!
With almost 40% more labels in a roll, and 40% less reel weight, fewer reel changes which translates into less downtime, adjustable label length which increases the surface of printed  area – these eco-friendly (zero liner waste) labels present  a truly cost- effective solution!
Plus, there are so many options you pick from: Printing under & behind the adhesive, adhesive pattern coat, adhesives strength: permanent, removable, ultra-removable (no residue), turning standard label into a linerless label.
And so many Print & apply applications:  Receiving and Warehousing, Pharmacies, Hospitality, Retail Weighing Scales, Shipped products, and more.


Unique Paper Solutions

We are a leading manufacturer of medical charts and other advanced paper solutions for the healthcare industry. We are also at the forefront of thermal paper conversion, creating advanced thermal paper based products for a variety of industries and applications, including parking, transportation, banking, self-service kiosks, gaming, lottery and more.

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Tickets and Cards

Clients requiring unique ticket and card solutions come to us, as we specialize in developing car parking tickets to all major systems on the market, public transportation tickets and tickets for leisure & sporting events and more. Our tickets and cards are specifically engineered to include state-of-the-art graphics and comprehensive anti-fraud features, including advanced technologies such as magnetic stripes, encoding, barcodes, RFID, holograms and foils, special patented labels, invisible inks and anti-copy.

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Labels and Stickers

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We specialize in the development and production of labels generated from various substrates, such as Tyvek, plastic and paper, which are printed and cut according to exact client specifications. In addition, we develop stickers for the parking, medical, food and service industries, using a wide range of materials such as thermal paper, polyester, polyethylene and more.