Taking procedures that everyone has gotten used to and improving them in just a singular process

July 18, 2015

Parking meter manufacturers are required to include a solution that alerts operator technicians to parking ticket roll replacement. Thanks to groundbreaking technology and innovative thinking, this solution has now become more advanced and cost-effective.

 When parking meter rolls begin to run out of paper, the parking meter system alerts a nearby operator technician, who arrives to replace the roll before the paper runs out. This is how parking meters are maintained properly over time.

The solution used by most parking meter manufacturers involves a printed marker which signals the meter printer and system. Some of the manufacturers (such as Hectronic and Parkeon) have strict specifications related to marker size and recurrence on the ticket roll, which may lead to an extremely complex parking ticket roll manufacturing process.

At Dykam, we have engineered an advanced solution that prints the marker together with the parking meter paper as part of a single, unified process. Why is a singular and automatic manufacturing method, which is implemented within the printing process, so effective? Because it simplifies and speeds up the printing process, thus creating an uncomplicated, cost-effective solution for parking meters operator.

This is just one example of how our company vision – taking procedures that everyone has gotten used to and improving them – leads to groundbreaking change.