At Dykam,

We live and breathe technology.

It’s what makes us tick.

Dykam’s celebrated R&D division is always working to generate new and improved on-demand and generic integrative paper and printing solutions.

We use cutting-edge technology to formulate state-of-the-art color coatings and coating layers for various media, which can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as extreme heat, cold, humidity radiation and moisture.

Our printing capabilities include offset, flexographic and rotogravure printing. In addition, we have a large variety of converting capabilities. Our technological prowess forms the basis for integrative solutions and converts paper into unique products. As such, our capabilities include die cutting, slitting and rewinding, zig zag folding, single cut, diversified marking abilities (numbering, barcoding, unique logos, etc.), hot and cold stamping, gluing, laminating, magnetic stripes, single pass process from raw material to final product and more. We are also proficient in adding the latest security features, including holograms, foils and various specialty inks.

We conduct alpha and beta testing in order to make sure our products are indeed weather proof and adhere to the clients’ specific requirements. Our laboratories contain advanced simulation equipment that project our products to sunlight exposure, temperature and moisture tests among others, dashboard simulations and more. We also conduct print testing, in order to make sure the requested product applies to our clients’ equipment.

Our commitment to excellence includes our own printing and conversion machinery, which we develop and constantly adapt to changing needs. Our clients know that when it comes to technology, our passion runs deep.

Quality Assurance


When it comes to quality assurance and environment preservation, we are always at the top of our game.

Dykam’s products are manufactured in accordance with the unique and accurate needs of each and every one of our clients.

Our bespoke products are developed by our R&D department, which utilizes the most suitable materials for specific conditions, uses the most appropriate printing options and conducts testing and simulations when necessary.

All of our processes are environmental friendly.

Dykam is certified in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO 9001, ISO 13485 standards for medical and quality management, and also complies with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems.

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