DYKAM Linerless

As the world moves towards sustainable solutions in all areas, our linerless stickers enable you to make a real difference to both the environment and your bottom line; instead of the traditional peel-off silicon support liner, the surface of our linerless labels is covered with a release coating that enables them to be wound in rolls, without sticking to themselves.


  • Increased efficiency – up to 40% more labels per roll means longer runs and fewer roll changes
  • Reduced environmental impact – zero liner paper waste
  • Reduced logistic costs – higher label volume and lower weight reduce shipping and storage costs
  • Lower TCO

Why choose Dykam linerless?

  • Backed by decades of experience and knowhow
  • Produced using cutting-edge technology
  • Comply with all European standards
  • Tailor-made and customizable in terms of adhesive type, patterns and pre-printing requirements, for all applications