Labels & Tags



Our long-lasting, cut-to-order tags are crafted from a diverse selection of materials, making them suitable for a wide range of durable indoor and outdoor applications. These tags are particularly well-suited for use in industries such as plant nurseries and building materials.

The durability of our tags ensures they can withstand the demands of both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether used as pot stakes, wrap-around tags, or hanging tags, they are designed to endure exposure to varying weather conditions and resist fading or deterioration over time.


Baggage and Security Tags

Dykam offers a wide range of baggage tags, including manual security tags and on-demand tags, providing different customer needs and requirements. Our tags are specifically designed to meet customer specifications, ensuring high quality and compatibility with various user systems.

Dykam tags are often based on our unique Linerless technology, which provides special added values compared to traditional tags.


Carry Handles

Dykam single-layer Linerless carry-handles provide a strong and reliable solution for product handling and carrying. Their spot-adhesive pattern is tailored to meet specific application requirements, ensuring reliable adhesion. Additionally, the option for high-quality printing allows businesses to customize the carry handles with their desired designs, promoting brand visibility and recognition.

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