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Decorative Linerless Labels

DYKAM cooperate with Smadar-Technologies as a business partner collaborating solutions for the packaging industry.

This cooperation offers state of the art solutions to present sustainable packaging branding solutions including machinery and labels.


Smadar Technologies exclusively represents the world’s leading companies supplying variety of products and packing lines, mechanization and innovative technologies.

Smadar company has provided over 3,000 systems in all areas in the food industry and agro-technology.

Together with professional team of managers, engineers and dedicated service, the company have extensive knowledge with providing creative solutions that are adapted to customers requirements tailor made and comply with international standards.

The variety of professional solutions available to us with experience of over 40 years of work and support are the ones that allow us to provide our customers with the most high quality and cost effective solutions.

We remain dedicated to being readily available to assist our customers in Israel and across the globe.

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