Linerless Decorative Labels

Ravenwood - Business Partner

Decorative Linerless Labels

Dykam cooperate with Ravenwood as a business partner collaborating solutions for the packaging industries. This cooperation offers state of the art high-quality solutions to present sustainable packaging solutions including.

About Ravenwood

Founded in 2004, leaders in linerless label technology and experts in the field of pack inspection systems. HQ is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with satellite offices located in the USA and Australia. Ravenwood have a dedicated global network of machinery distributors and printer partners.

Ravenwood builds, manufactures and supplies Nobac linerless applicators, linerless converting equipment and pack inspection systems. The company also supply coding and conventional self-adhesive labelling equipment.

Ravenwood is actively helping to reduce the packaging and labelling industry’s carbon footprint. Our technologies combat waste. Linerless labels boast zero waste liner to landfill and our VXR Vision Inspection System, greatly reduces food waste and product recalls.

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